hello! welcome to my page. I am Ash, a 15 year old trying to escape social media! Sites are fun which is why I made cyberveggy. I also need something to pass time and I think most social media sites are boring. no personalization, no fun. My site serves as a hobby project, and also to have a new passion that I could develop into something bigger. I don't feel judged sharing my interests here, it's like an escape from reality and internet altogether. There were many wips of this page before becoming cyberveggy, and tho im still not fully happy with it, ill keep learning more and more until it becomes something im satisfied with.

This is a personal website to share my thoughts and journal my life, I'm still a highschool student so pls be patient with me if I can't update so regularly as I'd like too. o(TヘTo)


Yall I'm so sorry I haven't updated since the longest time, HAHAHSH Ive been in college and it has been consuming my time like a fkin monster, anyways college will be ending soon for me (In a month) and Ill be able to focus more on the page :) ...

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